About Rocagres


We started out at Morbi but we wanted More! It is the foundation of your business potential that marks the way forward added with patience, endurance and knowledge inputs that one takes along the way in the entrepreneurial journey.

For Rocagres to become a brand it took us into the world of tiles manufacturing in a very minuscule way right from the procurement of materials to process to production to packaging and more. Our meticulous attention to processes so as to impact wider availability makes us different from other tile manufacturers. This means we keep the availability impact before we get the production processes in place so as to balance the supply-demand ratio.

Furthermore, our crusade for always keeping quality in mind is infused in our name. Rocagrase is a Spanish word for rock-solid tiles. Quality and durability go hand in hand with the best technology available and this makes it a quality-conscious brand that creates products in the realm of durability, quality, aesthetics and design desirability for floors and wall tiling as well as wooden cladding and panelling.


Production - 15+ years
Marketing - 20+ years
Design Development- 10+ years
Administration - 13+ years
Exporting - 6+ years
Relationship Management - 20+ years


Rock solid emphasis on the creation of a company that offers globally astute products at an internationally benchmarked quality.


Integrate experience, knowledge, understanding, craftsmanship and technology into the products to achieve optimal excellence.


Impactful employment, quality assurance and eco-conscious sustenance are the values we enshrine within our organisation for a better future.

Our Core Strength

Customer Satisfaction


Quality Excellence

Team Work


ISO Certificate

CE Certificate

Udyam MSME

REX Certificate

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+91 7929709444

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C-403, S.G. Business Hub, Opp. Agrawal Mall, Near-Umiya Campus,S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad-380081,Gujarat, India.